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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Q. If my design has a newsletter on it, do I have to do a newsletter?

A. No. We will be happy to remove the newsletter from your design. Or add it to your design if you want to do one!

Q. How much does adding the widgets cost?

A. Nothing! We will be happy to add any of the widgets you want.

Q. Can I change the picture on my website?

A. Sure! In fact we would be happy to put a picture of your gin or your staff on your website.

Q. Can I change the words on my webpage?

A. Yes! Example - we could change "Welcome to our Website" to Welcome to Green View Gin's Website", or something similar.

Q. How much does having a website cost?

A. At $25 a month($300 per year) having your own website is very affordable and a cheap way to advertise!

Q. How much does 'GinPro for Farmers' cost?

A. $600 per year.

Q. With 'GinPro for Farmers' can all my farmers see each others reports?

A. No. Each farmer will only be able to see his own reports.