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Part 3 - Reports Option

If your gin software includes online reports, we can link your website to the reports for your customers to see. If you are a GinPro user you can put your reports online with GinPro for Farmers.

GinPro for Farmers

As consumers have grown more web-savvy, they have begun to expect services to be avaliable online. With our new 'GinPro for Farmers' service, you can give your farmers secure web access to their reports on your website!

This amazing service works in real time; as you enter information into 'GinPro' on your computer it flows immediately up to the website for viewing by your customers. You can even control login information from 'GinPro'! If a farmer calls for a password, you can set it in 'GinPro' and he can log in to the website while you're on the phone. And since everything happens automatically, there are no daily uploads to worry about. Give your customers access to this new impressive system and cut down on your office paperwork today!

Thank you for taking the tour! If you have any questions, visit the FAQ page, or our contact page to look us up!

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